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Coven of the Chthonioi


Enter in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

The Order of Ganymede is an Initiatory Magical Order working primarily with the Greek pantheon, and with the Greco-Roman Isis. We are located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Coven of the Chthonioi is an Alexandrian Wicca derived group working along similar lines. Our Coven has been in continuous operation since 1974, and is the originator of the cycle of rituals that has become known as the Provider Cycle.

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This is our versions of the Great Invocation, a prayer that originated with Alice A. Bailey, and Djwhal Kuhl.

This is a good all around invocation of light from the Inner Planes to the Outer World.

The Great Invocation (Short)

The Great Invocation (Long)

As a part of our ongoing training, we meet once a month to study various and sundry works.
Here is our study group work list for the past couple of years.
This gives you a good feel for the type of work that we pursue.

Book Discussion List 2002 - 2007
updated 7/15/2007

Here is an essay outlining some of the elements of the art of psychic self defense.
These notes grew out of a class that Arachne and Shamash taught back in 1989 at one of the old
Twilight Covenings.
There has been more than one occasion of needing to pass these notes on to help people in need.
So, herewith are a public version of the

Elements of Psychic Self Defense

The Moving Hand Invokes, and Then Moves On

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The on-line concordance of all public-domain books, Project Gutenburg.

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Our magical roots have been strongly influenced by
Dion Fortune and her Society of the Inner Light.
Her many fine publications have inspired our magic and our worship for decades. The Society of the Inner Light continues to function today. Explore their material for yourself.

The Society of the Inner Light

Another strong influence for us has been the work of
Alice A. Bailey and the Master D.K.Descended from Theosophical roots, the transmissions of the Master D.K. show an extremely high spiritual attainment and development. They are well worth the time and effort of study. You can request from NetNews a CD of the complete works of AAB and DK

.NetNews / Alice A. Bailey / The Master D.K.

Isis Kneeling

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